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The Protons – Part-Time Lover

The Protons – What’s Going On

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João Faísca is a singer and guitar player with more then 10 years of experience as a professional musician.

Either playing solo, as a duo, trio or with full bands, the quality of a good show with great musicians is always guaranteed

You can count with a wide and timeless playlist to fit the atmosphere of your event whatever you want it to be smooth or crazy party!

Music is always the way!

Wedding - Grande Real Stª Eulália
João Faísca



Leave your review, ask for quotes, playlists, etc, or just say hi:

e-mail:  joao.spark@gmail.com

Phone number: +351 965 757 273


Instagram: joao_faisca_music

Youtube channel



João Faísca has been playing over the years in events such as weddings, corporate events, birthday parties, christmas parties, etc. as well as bars and restaurants with several projects: The Protons (band), Stereo Jumble (duo), The Links (duo), solo acts, Nicole Silver (duo), Nu Clear Trio and also as a guest musician with other bands.

The different projects are a great option as you can choose the formation that best suits your atmosphere with a wide variety of music genres: pop, rock, soul, funk, reggae, jazz, 80’s, etc.


  • Solo acts (Voice and acoustic guitar with live loops)
  • Duos
    • Voice/acoustic guitar & electric guitar (Stereo Jumble)
    • Voice/acoustic guitar & saxophone (The Links)
    • Voice/keyboards & saxophone (Night & Day)
  • Trios
    • Voice/acoustic guitar, saxophone & double bass
    • Voice/keyboards, saxophone & double bass (Night & Day Trio)
    • Voice/electric guitar, bass & drums
  • Night and Day Quartet – Jazz Quartet
    • Keyboards & Vocals
    • Saxophone
    • Double bass
    • Guitar & Vocals
  • Serial Lovers (a cappella quartet)
  • The Protons – Party Band (5 or 6 piece)
    • Voice/electric guitar, saxophone, bass, drums & keyboards (The Protons) + extra musician (female singer, lead guitar, etc)
  • Custom band
    • Choose the musicians and make the band you’d like to hear.


André Capela (saxophone, guitar)
– Vasco Moura (bass)
– Bruno Vítor (drums, double bass and bass)
– Luís Leal (keyboards, bass, drums and vocals)

Other musicians that occasionally work with João Faísca:

– Pedro Barroso (guitars)
– Paulo Ribeiro (keyboards, saxophone, accordion)
– Nelinho (drums)
Nicole Silver (vocals)
– Pedro Guerreiro (bass)
– Pedro Glória (drums)
– João Araújo (keyboards)
– Tuniko Goulart (guitars)
– Wesley Seme (vocals & keyboards)
– Taly Minkov (vocals)
– Cathy Santos
– Mariana Rosa (guitars)
– Gustavo Gonçalves (drums)
– Filipe Valentim (saxophone)
– Josué Gomes (Drums)
– Ivo Martins (drums)
– Emanuel Nunes (keyboards)
– Marco Canas (saxophone)