João Faísca has been playing over the years in events such as weddings, corporate events, birthday parties, christmas parties, etc. as well as bars and restaurants with several projects: The Protons (band), Stereo Jumble (duo), The Links (duo), solo acts, Nicole Silver (duo), Nu Clear Trio and also as a guest musician with other bands.

The different projects are a great option as you can choose the formation that best suits your atmosphere with a wide variety of music genres: pop, rock, soul, funk, reggae, jazz, 80’s, etc.


  • Solo acts (Voice and acoustic guitar with live loops)
  • Duos
    • Voice/acoustic guitar & electric guitar (Stereo Jumble)
    • Voice/acoustic guitar & saxophone (The Links)
    • Voice/keyboards & saxophone (Night & Day)
  • Trios
    • Voice/acoustic guitar, saxophone & double bass
    • Voice/keyboards, saxophone & double bass (Night & Day Trio)
    • Voice/electric guitar, bass & drums
  • Night and Day Quartet – Jazz Quartet
    • Keyboards & Vocals
    • Saxophone
    • Double bass
    • Guitar & Vocals
  • Serial Lovers (a cappella quartet)
  • The Protons – Party Band (5 or 6 piece)
    • Voice/electric guitar, saxophone, bass, drums & keyboards (The Protons) + extra musician (female singer, lead guitar, etc)
  • Custom band
    • Choose the musicians and make the band you’d like to hear.


André Capela (saxophone, guitar)
– Vasco Moura (bass)
– Bruno Vítor (drums, double bass and bass)
– Luís Leal (keyboards, bass, drums and vocals)

Other musicians that occasionally work with João Faísca:

– Pedro Barroso (guitars)
– Paulo Ribeiro (keyboards, saxophone, accordion)
– Nelinho (drums)
Nicole Silver (vocals)
– Pedro Guerreiro (bass)
– Pedro Glória (drums)
– João Araújo (keyboards)
– Tuniko Goulart (guitars)
– Wesley Seme (vocals & keyboards)
– Taly Minkov (vocals)
– Cathy Santos
– Mariana Rosa (guitars)
– Gustavo Gonçalves (drums)
– Filipe Valentim (saxophone)
– Josué Gomes (Drums)
– Ivo Martins (drums)
– Emanuel Nunes (keyboards)
– Marco Canas (saxophone)


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